Could Kim, Trump sign deal to end Korean War? Interpretations vary as S. Korea's Blue House maintains cautious stance

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Video Discription: '북미회담 종전합의 서명' 가능한가? 트럼프 의도 전문가들 의견 갈려... 청와대 신중한 입장

Trump's remarks on ending the Korean War during the summit...has got many wondering what exactly that means.
This is especially for South Korea... as a direct party of interest.
Our chief Chief correspondent Moon Connyoung provides an in depth analysis.

"We could absolutely sign an agreement. We're looking at it. We're talking about it with them. We're talking about it with a lot of other people but that could happen."

The US President on the possibility of he and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un signing an agreement to end the Korean War.

It's got many in South Korea wondering whether he meant declaring the end of war JUST between the two without the presence of South Korea OR whether that meant a three-way summit was in the works in Singapore following the historic Kim, Trump summit.
In other words, just scrambling for answers.

Is it even possible for those two to declare an end to the 65-year long Korean War in Singapore next week?

"Declaration of ending war is a political or rhetorical declaration, not a legal obligation. It can happen in any form at any time. It just means the start of the peace process. The best scenario is a trilateral declaration among South Korea, North Korea, and the U.S. During the inter-Korea summit, they declared ending the war. Now the U.S., North Korea bilateral declaration and then hopefully trilateral declaration in the coming days."

But another school of experts say U.S. President Trump's remarks suggest the nuclear deal isn't anywhere close to signing an end of war treaty with now fewer than four days left until the big day.

"Heading into the summit, still North Korean leader Kim Jong-un hasn't decided on a strategic decision to denuclearize in the manner of CVID. So, President Trump emphasized compensation such as declaration of ending the Korean War and normalization of relations to induce North Korea to make the strategic decision."

How likely is it that the U.S. President will declare the end of the Korean War... partly giving the North Korean leader the security guarantee that regime has been so adamantly demanding at the Kim, Trump "get-acquainted" summit in Singapore?

"I don't think the possibility is high as North Korean leader Kim hasn't decided to accept CVID. Maybe not this time. If President Trump and Kim can meet in Singapore and decide on major principles and within two months prepare a road map and meet again. The declaration of the Korean War is not far from today but the important thing is North Korea's strategic decision to accept CVID."

And there are still those who have not ruled out the possibility of the South Korean president jumping on the plane and joining the party.

"I don't think the possibility of a trilateral declaration is completely gone. I think he still has a chance. It's slimmer now but there still is a chance that he may surprise everybody. If not, the next chance is July 27th, the anniver


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