Dog in Hells Angel-style helmet rides shotgun on motorbike ... and puppies and cat come along for the ride, too

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Video Discription: This cool cat rode on the back of a motorcycle while a pet dog called shotgun - sitting in the front with his own Hells Angel-style helmet and visor.

There was even a basket full of puppies in the rider's lap - showing at least SIX animals onboard the scooter.

Road users noticed the unusual scene in Cebu City, Philippines, on Tuesday evening at 6pm.

While it's technically illegal there to have more than two passengers on a moped, locals pointed out the dog looked like he just ''didn't give a woof''.

The pooch was wearing his own customised helmet with rock n roll style horns attached - completing the look with an intimidating metal face grill.

Moped rider Jon Gaitano, who recorded the trio, said: ''I was shocked when I saw the cat behind the back of the rider.

''I wanted to ask him if he knew there was a cat behind his seat. But I was really surprised when we rode closer to him. We saw then that he was also with a dog.

''The cat seemed so calm and balanced. It was closing its eyes. I think it was napping and just minding its own business. Just below the dog was a basket full of puppies.

''I don’t know what they were doing or where they were going but seeing them makes me want to join them.''


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