Radio DJ in Indonesia eats lightbulbs live on air

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Video Discription: Bayu Nada Radio is a small community radio manned by just eight people, all of them unpaid, in Panung Panjang, Indonesia.

From 8am onwards, their loyal listeners tune in to hear Dangdut, a type of Indonesian folk music.

But then comes Salim's turn to man the airwaves – and he has a peculiar talent.

The 50-year-old munches on lightbulbs live on air during his four-hour shift.

Footage shows Salim's routine, which includes heading to the local shop and stocking up on bulbs before work.

Pumping dance music fills the air, interspersed with the occasional crunch of breaking glass.

Salim has performed the strange ritual "from the age of 12 years", he says in an interview in the video.

Despite his claims that there are no adverse effects on his health, his bleeding gums paint a different picture.

The footage was captured on August 27.


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