TV Clip: Athlete Laoshi Douwe Geluk for Martial Arts World Championships 2019 traveled to Emeishan in China

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Video Discription: TV Gelderland: Athlete: Laoshi Douwe Geluk goes to the Martial Arts World Championships 2019 and traveled to Emeishan in China. Laoshi, Shifu, Master of the Chinese Martial Arts and founder of Tai Chi Apeldoorn 'Bron van Geluk' Fu Yuan is participating with his training partner Laura Bonthuis at the Wu Shu World Championships 2019 in Emeishan in China. Many countries of the World will compete against eachother in different sections and categories of the Chinese martial arts. This television clip has a short interview with martial arts master Douwe Geluk. Source TV Omroep Gelderland the Netherlands


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