Farhan Ali Waris - Zuljanah Hain Kahan Baba Jan - 2019 - 1441 - YouTube

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Video Discription:
ll بِسمِ اللہِ الرَّحمٰنِ الرَّحِيم ll

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Farhan Ali Waris | Zuljanah Hain Kahan Baba Jan | 2019 | 1441

Syed Farhan Ali Waris new Noha Zuljanah Hain Kahan Baba Jan is the most recent official Noha Video from Farhan Ali Waris Official. Zuljanah Hain Kahan Baba Jan
is one of the moharram 2019 Nohay. This month of muharram 2019, The latest Nohay of Mola Ali, and Imam Hussain , and also Bibi Sakina all will be recited and felt from the hearts deep within us all. Let the roar of Waqia Karbala be the highest this month because our fierce warriors Hussain and Sher E Khuda Ali are seeing us. Only on this YouTube channel official.
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Labbaik Ya Hussain !

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Labbaik Ya Hussain!

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