Video about Japan's forced labor during WWII gets tens of thousands of views

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Video Discription: '일본 강제징용' 다룬 문체부 해외문화홍보원 영상, 국내외 호평 이어져

About a week ago,... the government posted a video online showing Japan's use of forced labor during the Second World War.
The clip now has more than a hundred thousand hits,... indicative of how its drawing attention viewers around the world.
Kan Hyeong-woo tells us more.
"It's not your fault."
That's the first sentence that appears in an online video about the issue of Japan's use of Koreans for forced labor during World War II.
It was uploaded last week by the Korean Culture and Information Service, a state-run agency,... and at four minutes long, it's gotten more than one-hundred thirty-thousand views.
Its message: the use of forced labor during Japanese colonial period should not be overlooked in history.
Quoting victims and witnesses,... the video shows faded photographs of the people forced to work for Japan and explains how they lacked basic human rights.
Then it compares how Germany and Japan have dealt differently with their World War II atrocities.
Berlin took responsibility for its warcrimes, apologized to the victims and compensated them for their suffering.
On the other hand,... after the South Korean Supreme Court ruled in favor of Korean victims and ordered Japanese companies to pay them damages,... Tokyo retaliated with economic sanctions against Seoul.
The video ends with a U.S. professor's quote - "unless Japan makes more consistent and far-reaching efforts to achieve reconciliation with its neighbors, Asia will always be precariously close to another economic or military crisis."
The video is provided in both Korean and English... and it can be found on the official YouTube channel Koreanet or the facebook page Korea Clickers.
Kan Hyeong-woo, Arirang News.


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