Nobel Prize in Chemistry Is Awarded for Lithium-Ion Batteries

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Video Discription: Nobel Prize in Chemistry Is
Awarded for Lithium-Ion Batteries.
Three scientists — John
B. Goodenough, Akira Yoshino
and M. Stanley Whittingham —
were awarded the prize.
Lithium-ion batteries are used globally to power the portable electronics that we use to communicate, work, study, listen to music and search
for knowledge, The Nobel Committee, via BBC News.
The concept of creating litium-ion
batteries was born out of alternative
energy research during the 1970s.
It began with a discovery by
Prof. Whittingham that was more
fully realized by Prof. Goodenough in the 1980s.
Prof. Yoshino was the first
of the three to create a
lithium-ion battery that was
suitable to be used commercially.
In the face of increasing threats from extreme climate change, today's announcement shines a welcome bright light on the portability of energy that has enabled unprecedented advances in communication, transportation and other tools to support critical aspects of life around the world, Bonnie Charpentier, American Chemical Society, via BBC News.
Prof. Goodenough, 97,
is the oldest Nobel recipient.
The three scientists will split
roughly $900,000 in prize money


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