S. Korean itel says N. Korean leader looking to hold 3rd summit with U.S. in December

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Video Discription: Amid stalled denuclearization talks, South Korea's intelligence agency said that working level talks between North Korea and the U.S. could be held in the coming weeks.
It also said the third round of Kim-Trump summit may be just around the corner.
For more, let's connect to our Kim Mok-yeon at the National Assembly. Mok-yeon, fill us in.
Sure Daeun/Aram,
South Korea's National Intelligence Service said that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un had been planning to hold his third summit with U.S. President Donald Trump in December, hinting at possibile working-level negotiations between North Korea and the U.S. in the near future.
After attending parliament's closed-door audit of the intelligence agency on Monday, main opposition Liberty Korea Party lawmaker Lee Eun-jae quoted intel chief Suh Hoon... as saying that working-level discussions between Pyeongyang and Washington could be held as soon as this month or as late as early next, because the North Korean leader has plans to hold the third Pyeongyang-Washington summit in December.
She said the NIS expects talks to resume around then, since the two sides have already gained an understanding of each other's perspective through last month's working-level talks in Stockholm, and because Kim Jong-un previously limited negotiations to the end of this year.
Mok-yeon, did we hear anything about Kim Jong-un going to China before his summit with President Trump?
Yes, the NIS also suggested Kim might go to China this year.
According to Lee, the intel agency says Kim is making plans to visit China in line with the 70th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Pyeongyang and Beijing.
The agency also mentioned the precedent of Kim visiting China before his first and second summits with President Trump, and said that they are looking into that possibility should the working-level negotiations between Pyeongyang and Washington go smoothly.
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