Older Japanese workers powering up in exoskeleton suits

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Video Discription: JAPAN — Older people in Japan are suiting up in exoskeletons to help them get through the daily grind and to stay in the workforce longer.

According to New Scientist, The Land of the Rising Sun isn't getting any younger, with a whopping 28 percent of the population 65 or older.
The problem is, the country now has fewer and fewer young people which has led to a shortage of workers, especially in manual labor industries like construction, manufacturing and farming.
To help them stay in the game, Japan has no choice but to have its aging workforce remain working as long as possible. That's not depressing at all.
Enter good OLD Japanese technology. Several tech firms in Japan are developing exoskeleton suits to give workers added support so they can keep on working.
One of these firms is Innophys, which has designed several exosuits that you wear like a backpack.
By squeezing the hand pump 30 times, you pump air into the air-powered 'muscles' which then allows the person to lift up to 55 pounds.
They ain't cheap though. Just one suit costs 1300 bones.
At this rate, it should only be a matter of time before Japan goes real Gundam style.


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