Protesters dress in hazmat suits outside Downing Street targeting UK's action during COVID-19 pandemic

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Video Discription: Protesters from newly formed activist group Pause The System returned to Downing Street, London, for the second day in a row on Tuesday (March 17) to demonstrate against what they believe is government inaction on the coronavirus pandemic, arguing that the economy is being prioritised over loved ones.

The group assembled in front of the gates of Downing Street. One member dressed in a gold-painted hazmat suit as Lady Justice held scales to symbolise their message.

Their spokesperson, James Ozden, criticised UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson for "damaging the lives of a whole arts industry" after he advised Brits to not attend public spaces such as theatres and clubs but held back on formally closing them, meaning the owners of such spaces cannot claim business insurance.

The group believe there should be a “mandatory closing, so they can have compensation”.

The protest took place as Mr Johnson met with his Cabinet to continue talks on the COVID-19 coronavirus.


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