S. Korea seeks UNESCO listing of April 19 pro-democracy movement

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Video Discription: 문대통령 "통합된 국민힘으로 '포스트코로나' 새 세계질서 준비"

Today, South Korea celebrates the 60th anniversary of the popular movement that toppled the authoritarian government of Rhee Syngman and put the country on the long road to democracy.
In a ceremony today, President Moon Jae-in said that the government will be pushing for the 1960 democracy movement to be listed on UNESCO's Memory of the World Register.
He also said that the movement was the root of Korean democracy.
Take a listen.
The April 19 Revolution was the first democracy movement in a country newly independent after World War II, and it was also the start of student movements around the world. In order to give special commemoration to the spirit of the April 19 Revolution and pass on its spirit to humankind, we will pursue its listing by UNESCO."
On April 19th, 1960,... thousands of demonstrators, mostly students, took to the streets,… to oppose the government of President Rhee Syngman, which had rigged elections.
The authorities cracked down hard, killing more than 180 civilians and wounding thousands more, but Rhee Syngman ultimately resigned and fled the country.
President Moon said that South Korea's fight against COVID-19 is also based on the spirit of April 19th,... and that the government will be preparing for the post-virus era through unity and cooperation among the people.
Moon also stressed that the government will be doing its best to revive the ailing economy,... promising full support for companies that keep their workers employed.


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