Do This Every Morning To Lose Flabby Arms || Slimmer Arms In 7 Days! No Equipment Arm Workout

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8 MINUTES to lean and toned arms! Who's down for this beginner-friendly fat loss challenge?!?
Getting rid of flabby arms can be challenging, especially when you workout at home and feel like you need weights to do all the correct moves. This is why i created a MORNING ROUTINE (that can be done any time of the day but i like to do it in the morning) that requires absolutely no equipment!

Here is the workout:
1. Large Arm Circles- 10 reps/direction
2. Small Arm Circles- 10 reps/direction
3. Arm Cross overs- 20 reps
4. Bodyweight curls- 20 reps
5. Bodyweight tricep press- 20 reps
6. Inchworm to press up- 10 reps
7. Plank reaches- 10 reps/side
8. Low plank press back- 20 reps
9. bodyweight dips- 20 reps
10. Tricep press- 20 reps
11. Jab cross- 10 reps/side
12. Table top reach- 10 reps/side
13. Push up to press back- 20 reps
14. Reverse Table top reaches-10 reps/side
15. Low plank hold- 20 seconds

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