SCORNED - " Meow " [418]

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Video Discription: After a mix up in the lab last year. Ms. Anna's younger Granddaughter is treated as a Gen IV synth prototype. Once testing was completed she was tossed away like the other test subjects that came before her.
Seeking out a new life she came to the Commonwealth for the "first" time. With no family nor friends life for the beautiful, spoiled, young adult girl was hard in it's own way. When the opportunity to fill the shoes of a local legend came up she leapt at the role of a lifetime.
(Descriptions are hard) [WIP]
Side note: She is older then 18 years zero months zero days.. 2277 is when her mother, Blue was supposed to be unfrozen, but before that her infant son Shaun, the father was abducted on an unknown date prior to her actual unfreezing in 2287. Male puberty takes place at the age of 12-14 so it's hard for me to give her an exact age


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