Donald Glover Accused of Stealing ‘This is America’

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Video Discription: Donald Glover Accused of
Stealing ‘This is America’.
Glover has been sued by Emelike Nwosuocha
for his Grammy-winning song, “This is America.” .
Nwosuocha, who goes by Kidd Wes, is alleging that Glover stole
his track, “Made in America,” which was released in 2016. .
The lawsuit claims there is a
“practically identical” flow and “nearly-identical” chorus. .
... Nearly-identical unique rhythmic, lyrical, and
thematic compositional and performance content
contained in the chorus – or ‘hook’ – sections
that are the centerpieces of both songs, Kidd Wes Lawsuit, via 'The Guardian'.
Kidd Wes also reportedly enlisted the help
of a musicologist to compare the two tracks.
He concluded that there were “similarities” in the
“melodic contour” and “rhythmic triplet flow,”
as well as lines that were “likely not coincidences.”.
Kidd Wes is seeking a trial and damages that
include the loss of profits and opportunities. .
Glover has not yet publicly
responded to the accusations.


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