The Mother-and-Son Duo Who Makes The Silkiest, Softest Steamed Egg Pudding

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Video Discription: Cantonese people like to have sweet soup as dessert, and Kam Lo Dessert’s steamed egg pudding is the perfect end to any meal. We hear from its cheery owners how they make it so light and fragrant, yet with a distinct egg flavor.

Shop Address: Kam Lo Dessert, 50 Mei King St, To Kwa Wan, Hong Kong

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00:00 Silky, soft egg pudding
01:07 How to make steamed egg pudding
02:45 A homely place
03:32 Working together

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Producer: Yoyo Chow
Videographer: Samuel Siu
Editing and Mastering: César del Giudice

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