SpongeBob SquarePants: The Cosmic Shake FULL GAME 100% Longplay (PS4)

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Video Discription: In this edited walkthrough, I play through SpongeBob SquarePants: The Cosmic Shake for PS4 (also for Switch and Xbox One), showing the player how to collect all collectibles for 100% and help get the Platinum, complete all missions and objectives and play through the full game. Played, recorded and edited (removed loadings, mistakes, etc) by myself with HDPVR2 to make my own original walkthrough

0:00 Bikini Bottom 1
16:32 Wild West Jellyfish Fields
54:19 Bikini Bottom 2
59:38 Karate Downtown Bikini Bottom
1:41:53 Bikini Bottom 3
1:44:54 Pirate Goo Lagoon
2:29:47 Bikini Bottom 4
2:36:15 Halloween Rock Bottom
3:05:59 Bikini Bottom 5
3:11:05 Prehistoric Kelp Forest
3:36:33 Bikini Bottom 6
3:41:59 Medieval Sulfur Fields
4:27:57 Bikini Bottom 7
4:34:57 Jelly Glove World
4:55:01 Bikini Bottom 8
4:58:27 Return to Jelly Glove World
5:01:57 Return to Wild West Jellyfish Fields
5:19:32 Return to Karate Downtown Bikini Bottom
5:35:12 Return to Pirate Goo Lagoon
5:46:11 Return to Halloween Rock Bottom
6:04:30 Return to Prehistoric Kelp Forest
6:11:46 Return to Medieval Sulfur Fields
6:21:37 Bikini Bottom 9
6:27:10 Final Boss + Ending

** FOR SPECIFIC TIMESTAMPS for each collectibles, check the walkthrough in parts:

• SpongeBob SquareP...


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