BARRY CLEANSKINS Official Trailer 4K (2023)

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BY: filmow
Video Discription: BARRY CLEANSKINS (2023)

In the sleepy suburb of Northvale all is not well. Police investigate the growing number of missing persons cases, which appear to point to something happening on April 30th, "Harvest Night". Meanwhile, a young couple Rusty and Ariana run into their pugnacious friend Ted.

Matthew Elliot as ‘Officer Kelly’
Leanne Campbell as ‘Dead Body in the river’
Paddy Mac as ‘Police Photographer’
Geordie K. Poulos as ‘AFL selector’
Shane Stephens as “Mozzie” (M.Krasky)'
Salazar Quas as 'The Well dressed man'
Maxim Anderson as ‘Clayton Jones’ AKA 'Pool Shark'
Sai Ho as ‘Cockroach’ / ‘Gremlin’ / ‘Hangnail’
Ro Bailey as 'Ariana Crane-Leigh'
Mickinley Manning as 'Rusty Henderson'
Billie Ream as 'Ted Mcloghlin'
Laura Joy Arain as ‘Brandusa’
Susanne “Rudie” Chapman as 'Bettina'
Kate Mayhew as 'Rebecca Lorenson'
Brighley Dangerfield as ‘Shauna Briggs’
Ishta as ‘Sid Stephens’
Gwynn Earl as ‘Sarcastic Bartender’
Janet Christofi as ‘Marlena Wycheck’
Lloyd Bissel as 'George Crane-Leigh'
Lucy Upritchard as 'Janet Crane-Leigh'
Alex Thomas as 'Derek Crane'
Jeffrey Richardson as ‘Mr Kemball’
Franco Leo as Doctor One
Chris Papadopoulos as Doctor Two


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