Closing to Animaniacs Sing-Along; Yakko's World VHS

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Video Discription: Here is the closing to the first of 2 Sing-Along compilations from Animaniacs. I will not post this or the opening to this VHS on YouTube, because I've said this several times before that just Disney previews will be posted on that site. Anyways, here's the order:

1. "Enough with the singing already!"
2. Song: "We're So Sad We've No More time Together" Written by John P. McCann and the late Richard Stone
3. Closing Credits
4. Water Tower Outtakes
5. Amblin Entertainment Logo
6. Warner Bros. Closing Logo

I do not Animaniacs or this video. All credit goes to Warner Bros., Steven Spielberg (and his company, Amblin Entertainment), everybody involved in production (including the names I've just mentioned for writing a song for this upload), and of course, the show's creator, Tom Ruegger.

But other than that, enjoy this video!


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