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Video Discription: Bollywood controversy queen Rakhi Sawant on Tuesday (August 9) shot an item number for the movie 'Raktabeej' in Filmistan studio in Mumbai. 'Raktabeej' is a film based on Mumbai underworld and infidelity. The movie has been directed by painter-turned-film maker T. Harekrishnia. Rakhi Sawant will be seen performing for the item song 'Lattu ghuma de re chora' in the movie. "I am performing on an item song for the movie 'Raktabeej'. The song of the movie has been directed by Sabina Khan. 'Lattu ghuma de re chora' is the lyrics of the song. 'Lattu' is my prop in the song," said Rakhi. Rakhi feels that Bollywood industry do not have any item girl who can perform like her. "I am the original item girl and rest dancers are duplicates," said Rakhi Sawant. 'Raktabeej' will hit theatres around Diwali time this year. For regular updates on the latest happenings in Bollywood kindly subscribe 


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