Using Social Media to Control Brand Perceptions

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Video Discription: Using Social Media to Control Brand Perceptions
Innovation Lab - Aarhus City Hall
David Polinchock
Director, Media Lab at AT&T Advanced Ad Solution

The digital realm is forming landscapes, shopping habits, generations. From a digital pioneer and his sharp offspring comes a glimpse of realities and expectations for future bends on the road that gave us television, broadband and solar panels.

Some people just happen to be where all the action is, always. David is the kind of person who is in place to greet those people. Always ahead of the game. Graduating with the first batch off renowned MIT Media Lab tech genius production plant, David went on to make some of the first virtual reality applications, and later -- in '94 -- made smartphone-mock ups years before Palm put out their first PDA-product. He has worked on show with the Grateful Dead, founded brand building tech circus Brand Experience Lab and his very first employer was, unsurprisingly, the Walt Disney company. His latest job is with AT&T -- you know, the ones that gave us television, broadband, satellite com and solar cells -- where he heads up their latest lab. David will appear on stage, flanked by his daughter Sydney, and both will give their account of important tech to come and how to "get it".

The NEXT 2011 Conference is a rare glimpse into the latest trends and innovations in food, green, design, health and digital. Cutting-edge and single track, the conference brings together a diverse group of speakers from a variety of industries and organizations, including AT&T, Time Inc., Google and Ferrari. This is a great chance to watch idea-driven leaders as they help shape the future of the world.


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