Classic Game Room - SUPER NINTENDO SNES controller review

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Video Discription: Watch in High Definition! Classic Game Room HD reviews the SUPER NINTENDO controller for the Nintendo SNES video game console. How does this controller compare to the original NES controller and is the Playstation PS1 controller really copied from it? Learn all this and more from this stunning Classic Game Room review of the Super Nintendo gamepad that came with the SNES game console. CGRHD reviews Nintendo hardware, controllers and stuff in this hardware review series reviewing the technical and build quality of these pieces of video game gear. This controller has 4 buttons on the front, a start and select button as well as 2 buttons on the top. This made playing games like Street Fighter 2 easier because it effectively had 6 buttons. For more SNES reviews watch Classic Game Room, a Super Nintendo game reviewer and fan of retro old school classic arcade video games.


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