Classic Game Room - RAD RACER for Nintendo NES review

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Video Discription: Classic Game Room starts off Nintendo Week with a review of RAD RACER for the NES, Nintendo Entertainment System. This RAD RACER review shows gameplay of Nintendo's 1987 answer to Sega's Out Run. Which is better? Watch the review and make up your mind. Boasting excellent controls, above average graphics and gameplay as well as a 3-D mode for 3D gaming, RAD RACER is well above awesome, it's RADICAL. Drive a Ferrari 308 Twin Turbo or a Formula 1 F1 race car in Rad Racer through 8 different tracks based on locations around the world. The game has a rocking soundtrack that you can change while driving and features some hype beats that are also rad. If you're looking for a good old school driving game with a lasting "fun factor" then Rad Racer is worth a look. It's totally tubular to the max because Rad Racer is an awesome race car arcade style driving game. Classic Game Room is the ultimate retro video game reviewer, as well as the most radical game review show on earth and all surrounding galaxies, dimensions and undersea environments. Retro gamers and old school video game enthusiasts unite, CGR! This game was made by Square (aka Squaresoft)


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