Racist tube rant woman Jacqueline Woodhouse jailed

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Jacqueline Woodhouse, arrested for her racist tube rant, was sentenced to a 21 weeks in jail. The racist rant was posted onto YouTube turning it into a viral video sensation.

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The racist rant originally occurred mid-January when Jacqueline Woodhouse was riding on a Central Line train. Woodhouse admits to drinking an "unknown" quantity of champagne at a retirement party, which contributed to the racist tirade.

Galbant Juttla, the man who captured the tube rant on film, told Woodhouse to keep her mouth shut while Woodhouse responded, "It's not your country anyway so what's your problem?" Juttla was so disgusted by the video, he decided to post it to YouTube where it gained over 200,000 views in just a few days. Woodhouse turned herself in to the police after recognizing herself, but admitted to having no recollection of the rant.

Judge Michael Snow did not have much pity for Woodhouse telling the Associated Press her expletive-ridden rant would cause a "deep sense of shame" to anyone who'd heard it. He gave her a five year suspension from London transit along with the 21-weeks prison term. 


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