Female Possession-Demon TF Anim

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Video Discription: An animated version of this sequence involving a woman possessed by and transformed into a demon one limb at a time.

"A young lady is sleeping in her home at night; she is suddenly awakened by a loud crash. Slipping on a bathrobe, she notices the front door is ajar, and wanders into the dark of the hallway to close it. Unbeknownst to her, she has walked right past a powerful and evil being!

The demon spirit attacks, grabbing the woman from behind and tearing sharp claws into her shoulder. He positions himself carefully behind her; feet raised for the task at hand.

His nether hooves plunge into the top of her buttocks; she screams in agony. As he drives his vile legs into her body, her beautiful legs begin to change. First her silky thighs, muscles enlarging rapidly, pushing back her robe, as spikes begin to protrude in sets. Next her lithe calves begin to corrupt, as huge sharp tusks rip out of her knees on either side. Finally to her dainty feet, socks obliterated as her toes mutate into large demon hooves, tusks erupting from the back.

She has a moment to look in horror, where once stunning legs were, now only grotesque demon trunks remain. The moment is short, for the demon is impatient. His hands set behind her shoulders, he thrusts forward. Her burgeoning shoulders cause her robe to tear, as spines cut through her deltoids. Her biceps grow huge, and eventually her forearms.

As the woman's limbs are now the demon's tools, he sets his sights on her slender hourglass figure. As they are connected at the waist and shoulders, he has but to straighten his body to force the unholy union forward.

Her torso heaves as her ribcage expands and back muscles fill in. Her flat stomach hardens and bulges with dense abs. The progression has also caused her limbs to grow even more. As the monster nears completion, his spine appendages grip around the now thick-sided frame.

Finally the demon strikes the final blow, forcing his skeletal head into hers from behind, disfiguring her face into a long muzzle, spikes protruding from her skull. The transformation is complete; the demon now has complete control over it's new body."

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