Dust D
Hip Hop / Rap / Experimental
Los Angeles, California

Capital D's passion for music hit him at a young age and the fusion of rap came head strong growing up in the streets of Los Angeles.

Dust-D has came about to one mission in life which is now to make the world love him through his honesty and bluntness to joke about the ridiculous lyrics sometimes circulating and say "Hey, this is what you wanna hear" Scream the name. It sounds better.

A style encouraged by the influence of rap, rock, soul, oldies, ska, punk, classical and grunge to name a few. Well thought out and well traveled. He has been around the world, has collaborated with some well known artists such as Mondo Marcio under Virgin Italy and LA's infamous COLA Crew.

One of the founding members of ISW, a hot local hip hop family spreading through southern California. Also currently putting a band together with a new style to twist the sounds of the radio waves up a notch. Think Cypress Hill meets Linkin Park, Chilli Peppers and Sublime. Always moving

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