Hermit Age
Metal / Gothic

1997 - Hermit Age Begun with the idea of do something never
heard before.

2001 - The album 'Songs for the Eternal Awakening' is out, with 4 atmospheric really slow songs.'A Grant to the Wind' frightened the audience, being called the 'Soundtrack to the worst dreams'.they do the possible! ;)

This album made the band have the status of 'Slowest band on earth'.by many oppinions.We dont know if it is real...But is really slow.

2005, Sinnocence is released.
Some differences about the old album , 'Sinnocence' brings us a more powerful, quick and heavy Hermit Age, but with the old feeling and atmosphere. Sinnocence is the first album with the vocalist Syndel, and brings 6 songs .Its early to talk about about it...More words about it will come..

Sinnocence brings some experiments in dark metal, embedded in an exotic gothic atmosphere, but heavy songs, and also an industrial reference.
It sounds exactly like nothing you have heard before.

The one mans band created by Diego Voges after a little time on hold, is back now with Syndel (which stamps the album cover) on vocals too.

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