Pat Zelenka
Rock / Indie
LANSING, Michigan

Greetings! My name is Pat Zelenka. Thanks for this chance to present myself and my music to you.

My style of playing and writing is based in the blues, but I have never limited myself to just the blues. Ive always felt I could learn as much from Artie Shaw and Benny Goodman as I could learn from Jimmy Page or Jimi Hendrix. To that end, I have studied every recording that has come across my path, and I have gone to great lengths to search out others, and I feel that this can be heard in my playing.

I want my guitar to speak to people of the emotions I feel when playing. I want to communicate joy, sadness, frustration, and peace. The whole gamut of human emotions. Music is my solace, and the guitar has been my conduit.

Music for me is a religion, and I attend my musical church on a daily basis. Music has taken me to a place I would not have otherwise come to. I am forever grateful that I discovered music when I did, and hope that it continues to bring me the peace that I have only been able to find by creatively pursuing it.

Thanks for taking the time to check out LO FI HAPPINESS, and I hope that you enjoy listening to it as much as I have enjoyed writing and recording it. Take Care.

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