How to Construct a Blood Electrifier Circuit Following Dr. Beck

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Video Discription: How to Construct a Blood Electrifier Circuit following Dr. Beck This illustrated video guide was created to help others who are interested in creating their own blood electrification circuits on a solderless breadboard and the use of a basic set of breadboard jumper wires. This build is based directly on Dr. Robert C. Beck's last updated schematic available in his lecture titled " Take Back Your Power " . Please visit the Unleash Health website for a free copy for download for reference while making the circuit yourself, as it can assist in your understanding and completion of the circuit. I hope I have made the construction of this circuit a little bit easier and more fun. If you would like to see the component list /schematic or to view a static version of this guide please visit If you would like to learn more about blood electrification, order a pre-constructed unit or application accessories, please visit



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