Dog Fighting Maryland's Hidden Death Matches

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By:CNS Maryland
Video Discription: WARNING Contains Graphic Footage. It takes place in abandoned lots, dark woods, and even suburban neighborhoods. And it's a crime where the victim's mangled bodies are often never found, and it's happening right here in Maryland. It's dog fighting. Considered a sport by those involved, a way to make money through gambling. It's a brutal death match, and it's closer than you think. " Maryland is a very convenient meeting location for high-end dog fighters to come from the south, or states like West Virginia or Ohio, or the North East, down into one central location to have high end dog fights in Maryland. And we've seen evidence of that, " Dir. John Goodwin, Humane Society of the United States, said. Two dogs were recently found in Anne Arundel County. Both are believed to have been used as BAIT dogs. It's a felony--in ALL 50 states-- to be engaged in any kind of dog fighting. But Maryland recently passed legislation that criminalizes the use of bait dogs.



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