" CARLOAD OF FARTS " Farting ! the Methane of Ted Pillman

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Video Discription: " Carload Of Farts " by gaseous Ted Pillman. Plus the old buzzard wrote it, too. On this video he may be blowin' out the back end, but when he's looking down, he's goin' out the front end ! Yah, he was peein' as he did this farting tune.! This Ted thinks he's really something. He says he's a combination of GORDON MACRAE and MEL TORME. Everybody thinks he sounds more like ED AMES, and ROBERT GOULET. (ha ha) He says he'd like to do a duet with the very young RENEE OLSTEAD (new jazz singer) It's just not gonna happen. His favorite movie is MEL BROOKS classic " BLAZING SADDLES " . Especially the campfire/bean cook-off scene ! Here we go !

Source: Metacafe.com


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