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Video Discription: Our friend Ted Gundy passed away in October at the age of 90. Many of you will remember Ted was a designated sniper in the Battle of the Bulge before being wounded. In 2009, Ted wrote to us saying he couldn’t imagine how today’s snipers could be accurate at 1,000 yards. So, we arranged for the Army to host him as an honored guest at Fort Benning where he could find out. The result was an extraordinary special produced for our Impossible Shots series. FOLLOW SHOOTING USA: -- Facebook: -- Twitter: -- Instagram: For more information head to Comments are also welcome at ABOUT SHOOTING USA: Jim Scoutten, America’s Most Watched Firearms Reporter, has been on the beat for 24 years, reporting the stories of the Shooting Sports and the firearms Industry. The show produces a series of popular segments focusing on historical guns, the personalities in the sport and industry, insider reports from gun tests, and practical tips from shooting sports pros. The show appeals to shooting sports enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels by providing practical tips on safely handling, modifying and repairing their favorite guns. WATCH: Shooting USA airs every Wednesday on Outdoor Channel.


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