PBS Kids ID / System Cue Compilation (1999- )

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By: UCuPlpU4mSe4bomtPvkZ7R0w
Video Discription: This is a compilation of all system cues (aka logos, station IDs, etc.) that have been regularly-aired during PBS Kids brand programming from 1999 to present (2017). Many of the original 6 system cues are rarely seen today, and the " collage-style" system cues are quickly becoming rare as well. Typically these older varieties are only seen if your local station broadcasts taped versions of certain programs, which have not been repackaged (or plastered) with the updated PBS Kids brand. This compilation does not include system cues used during the PBS KIDS Preschool Block (Miss Lori & Hooper/Miss Rosa) or PBS Kids GO! Those are uploaded in separate videos on this channel. Please leave any comments below! (1999-2001) Dash Dot Dash Transform Dot Transform Snow Globe Fish Bowl (2008) Bubbles Kite Dandelion Sand Box Carrot Bugs Pond Birds Vents Selfie Dust Aquarium Fireflies Telescope Magnet Sheep Puddle Sprinkler Rock Climbing Frog Ants Fireworks Balls Balloon (2013) Bee Hive Frog Astronaut Grocery Store Painting Cave Lemonade Tree Fling Squirrel Ladybug Marching Band Fireflies Daredevil Trapeze Ants Zip Line Magnet Piano Yo Yo Pogo Stick Power of 10 Frisbee Guitar Bubbles Ping Pong Trampoline Soccer Giraffe Hopscotch Jump Rope NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED NOTICE: Please do not download this video and upload it in full or in any part to another YouTube channel or elsewhere online. I have put a lot of time and effort into collecting the highest quality form of these clips and editing the video. None of these clips were downloaded from a production website; they are all recorded as they were seen live on WFWA-TV. It would be very disrespectful to me if anyone were to upload any portion of this compilation and claim it as their own, even if they acknowledge my YouTube name. If you do not have this level of respect, please leave now. Note: Though the content is not mine, these are my original video recordings. So PLEASE do not copy this video as your own; be respectful and enjoy :) Uploaded by Peeebs.


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