XSV20 'Thunder Child II'

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Video Discription: XSV20 'Thunder Child II' at sea (more detailed information at https://www.safehavenmarine.com/home) Email: info@safehavenmarine.com or safehavenmarine@eircom.net Safehaven Marine are developing a new model to add to their extensive range of commercial and naval craft: ‘XSV20’. The design is a high speed patrol / S.A.R and interceptor with a moulded length of 21.5m and a LOA of 23m (75ft). The hull design is extremely innovative (Patent applied for) and seamlessly fuses a twin stepped asymmetrical catamaran hull form with a wave piercing monohull, to create a hybrid design that delivers the rough weather and high speed dynamic transverse stability of a catamaran, with the steep head sea capabilities of a deep V monohull. The first of class is currently under construction nearing completion. During the designs initial development 6mth R&D programme was undertaken, during which Safehaven built 12 scale model variants which were extensively tank tested to optimise the designs performance characteristics and hydrodynamics. Powered by either surface drives or waterjets, the design has a maximum speed well over 50kts, a 40kts+ cruise speed and a range of 500nm. The design incorporates all the features of Safehaven’s smaller 11-17m Barracuda range of naval craft, with greater endurance, payload and crew capacity. The design will enter full production in 2019. XSV 20 main particulars L.O.A. 23m / 75ft Hull length 20.4m / 67ft Beam overall 5.4m / 17ft 7" Draft .85m / 2ft 9" Displacement lightship 21,000kg Fully loaded 29,000kg Fuel capacity 4,000L Range 400nm+ Crew capacity 12 Seating SHOXS Shock mitigation seats Engines 4 x 650hp 6L CAT 8.7 Gearboxes ZF Surface Drive France Helices SDS5L Trim control/stabilization Humphree Air-Conditioning Dometic 2X 2,7000BTU Speed Maximum 50kts+ Cruise speed 40+kts Survivability 8x watertight compartments ​Construction FRP Composite


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