Barney Home Video: What a World We Share (1999) [DVD Version]

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Video Discription: Not the best transfer. There are some discoloring issues with this DVD; and it doesn't seem to be just my copy, as all the copies of this DVD I own have the same issues. But for the most part, it looks really good. Song List -Barney Theme Song (0:07) -Having Fun Song (2:23) -Taking Turns (5:58) -Being Together (7:36) -Have a Snack (15:27) -Alouette (19:02) -Please and Thank You (21:44) -Good Manners (25:15) -It's C-C-C-Cold BRRR! (28:58) -Silly Sounds (31:55) -Fiesta Song (36:05) -Mexican Hat Dance (42:43) -It's Good to Be Home (44:45) -Share Your Stuff (46:53) -I Love You (49:26)


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