Update - Fake NSMBX 1.4 & Real SMB:R has been CANCELLED - HD

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By: UCrqbrSyP7wUWxLCXvefl1BQ
Video Discription: UPDATE: New Super Mario Bros X Deluxe is coming in 2015 Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F4YgDkOrS28 Update added link: http://www.facebook.com/groups/112400625462429/ This is fake screenshot of SMBX 1.4. Because mrgameandwatch21 says: I'm going to ask you guys to please stop posting media and material using the names NSMBX or SMB:R in your fake screenshots and other media you are posting. You are inaccurately representing what me, Rexx, and the rest of the Dev Team for SMB:R is doing if we have to CONSTANTLY correct people talking about fake and hoaxed screenshots, youtube videos, and similar false media about this project. That includes Joonas Sorsa please. The amount of incorrect information being give out and causing the most confusion is being produced by you. Thanks you Please comment & rate = free! Tags: mario new soon wii kart bros " 7x7 (magazine)" " Super Mario Bros. 2" nintendo preview " New Super Mario Bros." " mario bros" " mario kart" world peach " Super Mario Bros. 3" " New Super Mario Bros. Wii" yoshi galaxy " kart wii" " mario world" hack " X-Men: The Last Stand" trailer " mario galaxy" " Mario (series)" " Super Mario Bros X Deluxe"


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