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Video Discription: Never miss a Bananas Episode - click here to subscribe The Soap The Bananas don't want to hurt Topsy's feelings, so they come up with the pyjamarific idea of hiding the soap in their home. But soon they run out of places to hide it. And here comes Topsy with even more soap... Turtle Trouble But washing becomes a bit difficult because the turtles have to live in the bath, then one day they just disappear. Where could they have gone? Rat the Gardener Everyone thinks Rat is a brilliant gardener when they see a beautiful flower they think he has grown. They promise him so many honey cakes if he makes their gardens beautiful too that he doesn't tell them that it was the Bananas who grew it. Of course, gardening is hard work, so he tricks the Bananas into doing it all. But his cunning plan backfires. The Elephant Phew! It's very, very smelly and there's no sign of any elephants! So the Bananas and the Teddies decide to trick Rat back. As the Rat says that " elephant magic" can attract an elephant, then an elephant he will get! Bananas in Pyjamas Theme Song : Welcome to the Official Bananas in Pyjamas Channel. On this channel you will find classic and animated full episodes. Your favourite clips and compilations and much more! Tune in every week and see the antics of B1, B2 and their many friends.


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