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Video Discription: DVD 1: Teletubbies - Here Come the Teletubbies and Dace with the Teletubbies This DVD will she started toddling steps. By these actions, we call the baby will get excited, active and feel happier. DVD2: Happy Christmas From The Teletubbies The children will be immersed in the ceremony and live real Christmas, the baby will feel how a family, a happy family and happy DVD 3: Meet the Teletubbies This DVD brought her encounter with Teletubies four cute characters, each of you have a hobby that you: Tinky Winky: burgundy and has a triangular antenna on your head that, Dipsy: is blue record, you have a straight antenna on his head. Friday's your favorite black and white hat, Laa-Laa: yellow with a twirly antennas on your head it. You giggle and she is very loving and funny thing is that you fancy orange bouncy ball, Po: a red circle with an antenna on your head it. You trust him as a person, your likes pink and blue scooter that you was riding very fast. DVD 4: Teletubbies - Dance With the Teletubbies The dance fun and lively show will make her feel loved life and life more interesting. DVD 5: Teletubbies ready ... steady ... go Baby Love is ready, steady and go .............. Teletubies same. Synthesis Teletubbies for exercises that are suitable for the development of young minds? € | DVD 6: Teletubbies - Look! Eyes are the windows of the soul. Teletubbies too, the eyes of the baby is the most evident changes around her when she could not speak. parents okay let's explore. DVD 7: Teletubbies - Oooh! - Springtime Surprises and Magical Moments The children will be immersed in a landscape filled with fun and gaiety of spring, and the simple magic tricks will help her brainstorm to develop logical thinking DVD 8: Teletubbies - Musical Playtime The children will be immersed in a hilarious scene with the dance of Tinky Winky: purple, green Dipsy, Laa-Laa gold, red Po DVD 9: Teletubbies - Nursery Rhymes The baby will be familiar vocabulary, acquire general knowledge, be familiar with the letters. Information about the Teletubbies DVDs due dictionary encyclopedia open Teletubbies is a series of television programs for children, mainly for preschool children preschool age, produced from 1997 to 2001 by Ragdoll Productions (performed by Anne Wood and Andrew Davenport) in order The BBC, BAFTA Award in 1998 and several other awards. This series is quickly becoming more and reward commercial success in the UK and abroad. With special characters, bright colors, simple words and dialogue repeated, albeit targeted to children ages 1 to 4, but this program is well liked by students Members


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