Spitting Game: The College Hook Up -- TRAILER

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Video Discription: OFFICIAL SELECTION: Boston Film Festival http://www.bostonfilmfestival.org/ Spitting Game: The College Hook Up Culture dares to open Pandora's Box and take a penetrating look inside the college hook up culture. This provocative, candid, and ultimately scandalous expose is a virtual essay on the realities, risks, and reasons that students are hooking up in college. Hooking up has become so commonplace that it has eclipsed traditional dating. It is shown that epidemic numbers of students are routinely participating in drunken, casual sex, with random, often anonymous partners. Hooking up is no longer a rite of passage--it is a potential life sentence. In this compelling documentary, students, experts, and parents speak openly about alcohol, drugs, assault, and casual sex on college campuses. The peer pressure to engage in hooking up is overwhelming and overwhelmingly popular! Shocking information is revealed through frank discussions, private, and cinema verite style interviews. Hidden truths and dark realities are revealed that will change the way you look at colleges and campus life forever.


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