Spitting Game: The College Hook Up -- TRAILER

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Video Discription: Spitting Game: The College Hook Up Culture takes a penetrating look into the social lives of students. “Hooking Up,” described as a drunken, no-strings attached sexual encounter, has eclipsed traditional dating on college campuses across the nation. This 82 minute feature film examines and challenges the social status quo by highlighting the risks, reasons, and realities students may face within the hook up culture. In her compelling documentary, Writer-Director, Denice Ann Evans, artfully combines candid student and expert interviews punctuated by thought provoking statistics. The student-driven narrative leads viewers on an engaging, highly informative, virtual tour of topics that include alcohol and other drugs, hooking up, peer pressure, STD’s, sexual assault, and consent. Spitting Game is a provocative film that sounds the alarm on a culture seeped in alcohol and often shrouded in silence. Not only is it a dynamic forum for eliciting pro-active conversations, but it raises crucial questions about sexual ethics, gender politics, and sexual assault on college campuses today.


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