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Video Discription: THOMAS AND FRIENDS - THE ADVENTURE CONTINUES - FAN PRODUCTION Set after The Adventure Begins, The Adventure Continues tells the story from the book, James the Red Engine. Including 3 extra stories! Written by Nathan Bassett and Produced by Cameron Bramley and James Lafiteau. This video is made for a general audience. It can be enjoyed by children and adults alike. This more kid friendly than more kid directed. This comply's with Youtube's rule about COPPA which they stated here: _________________________________________________________________ Hey kids and kiddos. It's finally here, after a 2 month production. Originally Nathan came to me with a rough draft of James and the Top Hat he had re written to be more CGI. I told him I would adapt it to a full feature length special if he finished the book and he did. I would like to apologise in advance for long pauses, laggy scenes, poor quality instrumentals and any other errors. It was all down to the editing section, where I had to guess how long VA's would say their lines for. But hopefully this will be corrected in the next installment. And this will be the last time I feature the " Gen 2 versions" of the CGI models. _________________________________________________________________ FULL CAST TheMilanTooner - Narrator EpicLafiteau - Thomas, Bucky EnterprisingEngine93 - Edward, The Workshop Owner Ilovetrains323 - Henry, Jeremiah Jobbling, Thomas' Guard, Percy Master Of Lemons - Gordon 10Leigh10 - James MainlandStudios - Coaches, James' Guard, Grumbling Passengers, Troublesome Trucks, Dowager Hatt PapaMainland - The Fat Controller Annie C - Annie and Clarabel JD41796 - Thomas' Driver SuperMarioKyle100 - James' Driver, Workshop Engine 2 PlushBros - Child 1 Rhydyronen - Child 2 TheEngineShed - Workshop Engine 1 Light&Coal - Workshop Engine 3 Railsmith Creations - Grumbling Passengers MH1994 - Knapford Station Master Kevin Bassett - Hey Dudez Man ArcadeProductions - Troublesome Trucks _________________________________________________________________ FULL PRODUCTION CREW Ilovetrains323 - Head Writer, Sound Design & Casting Director Mainland Studio - Co - Writer, Filmer, Director, Editor, Vocal Director & Co-Casting Director EpicLafiteau - Co-Producer SamTheTrainFan - Sound Design Brandon Polley - Sound Design G.W Shunter - Sound Design Christian Cordes - Musical Scorer & Performer " Guiding Light" Written and Composed by Christian Cordes Performed by Christian Cordes _________________________________________________________________ Wanna get in touch more? Follow me on these accounts! } Twitter: @mainland_studio To get great tips on modeling and chat to other users join the RailwayWorks3D Discord: AND The Mainland Studios Hub!: Or visit our website!:


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