Travel English - Staying at a Hotel

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Video Discription: Travelling is fun. However, you may feel nervous when you check in to a hotel, or you don't know how to ask for help. Let's learn some new English words and phrases to make your experience much smoother. English Phrases: 1. I’d like to check in please. The reservation is under ___. 2. I’d like to book a room for tonight. 3. How much is it per night? 4. Is breakfast included? 5. I’d like a wake-up call, please. 6. The air conditioner doesn’t work. 7. I’d like to check out, please. --- More video: English Conversation How to Order in a Restaurant English Conversation at the Airport | How to Go Through Customs and Check in Subscribe this channel: Follow us: Facebook - Instagram: Weibo: APP: iOS - Android -


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