How to Setup Google AdWords for Real Estate Agents - Step By Step

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By: UCiYaD-dKw4uA7WuScoEbZlA
Video Discription: In this video, I'll walk you through step-by-step how to set up Google Adwords for real estate. Do you know what the one major difference between Google and Facebook ads are? INTENT Facebook is great for generating low cost, longer term leads for the agent or team set up to handle the high volume. However, when you think about the mindset the average person who sees your ads on Facebook you'll realize they are not actively searching for what your ad is promoting. However, on Google, you can target people based on what they are searching so you know that they have INTENT. This leads to a higher quality lead on average (but typically costs a little more). My recommendation to agents is to do a little of both to get a feel for which resonates with your setup better. If you have systems and processes in place to deal with a high volume of leads and treat them the same way every time, then go with Facebook. If you don't have the time or systems necessary and only want to spend time interacting with higher quality, more ready buyers, but less of them at a higher cost, go Google. ------------------------------------ This episode originally aired on my weekly live show, The Monday Mastermind. To join in on the next conversation, go to every Monday at 6pm CST. Please give this video a " thumbs up" and leave a comment if you found value in the content. Also, if you're not already, consider Subscribing and hitting the " bell" icon so you can be notified of future episodes. ------------------------------------ Sign up for my next eXp Explained Webinar: Setup a private eXp Realty demo with me: Partner with me at eXp Realty: ------------------------------------ Affiliate Links (Products I Use And Believe In… I Earn A Commission If You Sign Up) SendOutCards - TubeBuddy - Aweber - Quickbooks - Flick (Instagram) - Meet Edgar - KWFinder - Adobe - Restream - Zoom - Equipment I Use to Shoot/Stream My Videos Sony A7III - Sony 24-70mm F2.8 GM Lens - Shure Microphone - Rode Mic Arm - Elgato Cam Link 4K- 2019 16” MacBook Pro - #kylehandy, #realestatetraining, #realestateagent


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