Evelyn Glennie on CBeebies Zingzillas, Hide & Seek, pt 2/2

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By: UCuJ7z4D7hDRc8Njzbm8Ydfg
Video Discription: A band of primate friends play music in their tropical island paradise and meet different musical guests. As soon as they wake up Zak wants to play hide and seek. The others remind him that they need to get today's Big Zing ready. DJ Loose calls them on the banana phone and they head straight to the glade where they watch and listen to Dame Evelyn Glennie playing Tubular bells. The sound of the bells inspires them to sing a song about all the bells they hear every day. The song comes to them very quickly and so they decide to spend the rest of the day playing hide and seek. Panzee is the seeker and, just in case it takes her a long time to find the others, Tang suggests she plays some notes on Drum's tubular bells to call them back if it's time to play the Big Zing. Panzee counts and the others rush off to hide. Panzee doesn't really like playing hide and seek and very quickly decides to use the bells to call them back. The others are not impressed and Panzee promises to play properly and so they rush off and hide again. Panzee can't find any of the other ZingZillas and returns, frustrated, to the Club House where she is joined by DJ Loose. DJ needs them all to get ready for the Big Zing and so Panzee rings the bells to call the others back. Zak, Drum and Tang think she is trying to trick them again and stay hidden. This is a big problem and so Panzee and DJ rush to the glade to see if Evelyn Glennie playing her bells really loudly will get the others to come out of hiding and head to the glade


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