Reborn with Me! Part 6a: Painting Lifelike Reborn Baby Skin Complexion

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By: UC8Lpq7QsBL8a3ccybG-_j1A
Video Discription: Welcome back to Reborn with Me! Up to this point, we've been painting the mottling, veins, and blue shading to create the illusion of blood flowing under the skin. Now we are ready to add some skin! If you saw the base coat video, you're all set and ready to add your complexion layers! Don't miss an episode! Subscribe to my channel! Just joining in? Be sure to check out the other videos in the series! Introduction: 1. Getting Started: 2. Kit Preparation: 3a. How and Why to Base Coat: 3b. How to Base Coat the Head: 4a. Mottling Part 1: 4b: Mottling Part 2: 5: Veining: 5a: Blue Shaing: Got a question? Leave a comment! Follow the series on my blog at: Order your Lifelike Baby Doll Today at: or Like on Facebook: Follow on Twitter: Follow on Instagram: Follow on Google Plus:


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