How to cut Curly Hair with a Dry Finish Shear

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Video Discription: How to cut curly hair with the Musashi MR6 Dry Finish Shear See the MR6 Dry finish Shear Click on the link or Call 602-684-7170 Lisa Salmon provides a great explanation of how to cut curly hair using the Musashi MR6 Dry Finish Shear. You are sure to learn Lisa's great tips for cutting curly hair as well as the things to avoid if you want a perfect hair cut for your client with curly. You will learn why cutting hair dry is easier than cutting wet or with a razor. Lisa also explains the advantages of using a dry finish shear - " the right tool for the job" makes your job easier than gives the best result highlighting your skills as a professional stylist. Be sure to see the Musashi MR6 Dry Finish Shear at


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