Top 10 Worst/Useless Pokémon in Real Life (Feat. AlmightyMandals)

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By: UCTUMam4bUNLz8mdPcaFiBpg
Video Discription: Collab on Mandals’ Channel: A Pokémon to a lot of people would a dream pet. Although it would definitely depend on the Pokémon you have. Because there are definitely some Pokémon you’d never want to be real. So let’s take a look at some Pokémon that fit this criteria. Real Life Jigglypuff: Art Used- Riding Yveltal: Thumbnail Yveltal: Thumbnail Magikarp: Thumbnail Wishiwashi School: Wielding Honedge: Twitter: Facebook: Google Plus: Poké Amino: TheAuraGuardian Something something fair use something something #Pokemon #Top10 #WorstPokemon


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