10 Most Paused TV Moments in Wrestling

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By: UCY-4pT7awpmNacgbK56Odjg
Video Discription: 10 Most Paused TV Moments in Wrestling! Subscribe to TheSportster http://goo.gl/mZKUfd Check out ThePremium: tpr.st/s:y:Bgagy9PzLB0 For copyright matters please contact us at: david.f@valnetinc.com Watching WWE live is filled with a lot of unpredictable moments and crazy things that may cause you to blink and miss them. Thankfully, DVRs, YouTube, and the WWE Network has made it easy to look back and relive these moments. They are played in slow-motion, paused, and showcase some pretty historic times in pro-wrestling. John Cena and Seth Rollins were in a heated battle on WWE Raw when a rough knee crushed the nose on Cena’s face. Rey Mysterio was in a hard fought battle against the Undertaker, but he may have fought a little too hard after busting his face and breaking his orbital bone. Stone Cold Steve Austin put it all on the line at WrestleMania 13 and there’s an extremely bloody moment to help prove it. Kevin Owens pulled no punches in his feud against Shane McMahon, including a crazy attack against his father, Vince. Edge and Lita decided to celebrate his WWE title win by placing a bed in the ring and getting completely naked. Randy Orton was trying to make a name for himself and he did so by challenging Mick Foley to a tack-filled hardcore match. Joey Mercury’s life was completely changed when a ladder SMASHED into his face and ripped his skin wide open. Brock Lesnar tried to have a huge WrestleMania moment, but a big time move led to a big time botch fans would play over and over again. When Sable wasn’t wrestling in the ring, she was involved in other types of contests, including an infamous hand print bikini. Sid typically didn’t take a leap from the top rope, but the one time he did, it resulted in a snapped leg. Watch to see all of these crazy paused moments! For more videos and articles visit: http://www.TheSportster.com


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