March 2018 Dashcam video shows accused trooper's two traffic stops

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By: UCypowE_p8nJK2uZgE77tNUA
Video Discription: March 2018: THP dashcam video shows two traffic stops made by trooper Isaiah Lloyd, who is accused of groping a Campbell County mother during a traffic stop and pulling her over again three hours later. Read more: Discover the stories that matter most to you. Support local journalism. Subscribe for full digital access to We’re the voice of East Tennessee, from the Smoky Mountains to the Cumberland Plateau. Since 1886, we’ve been reporting on what matters to folks around here, from Oak Ridge National Laboratory to the University of Tennessee Vols to Dolly Parton. Stay up to date on local news in East Tennessee by following knoxnews on social media: Twitter: @knoxnews Facebook: Instagram: And for UT sports: Twitter: @GoVolsXtra Facebook:


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