How to prepare for a move | Moving & Packing Tips

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Video Discription: 5 STEPS TO MOVING 3-4 weeks before 1 Plan what you're going to take and make an inventory of what you have 2 Order packing supplies 3 Start packing early 4 Create a file of important documents related to the move 5 Register your change of address Two weeks before 1 Set aside a packing room 2 Arrange a babysitter 3 Contact your utility supplier 4 Keep school and work informed 5 Set aside essential documents One week before 1 Confirm arrangements with movers 2 Make arrangements for paying movers 3 Plan your meals 4 Put together a travel suitcase 5 Put together a supply box One-Two Days before 1 Finish your laundry 2 Disconnect equipment 3 Defrost the freezer 4 Prepare food 5 Finish packing On Moving Day 1 Be on site and available 2 Keep eye on children and pets 3 Take meter readings 4 Watch out for bedding 5 Relax


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