FBLS Classics: Thomas You're the Leader

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By: UCyl4xXECLBgqq59nFdlSirw
Video Discription: Please don't ask what scenes are where. I would just like the opinion of the video. Here it is: new and improved! Sure, there are some bits that are the same as the old version, but there are more new bits than old bits. Includes footage from EVERY series (even Series 14) and EVERY movie (even Misty Island Rescue)! Also included are some deleted scenes AND a special shot from the BBC's Children in Need 2009 music video! NOTE: Apologies for the poor quality on some of the Series 14 shots, I had to zoom it in otherwise you'd see the lyrics for " All You Need" . SPECIAL THANKS (and dedicated) TO: TheUnluckyTug1: For sending me Thomas' Anthem, Really Useful Engine and Night Train. HoorayForOliver: For giving out All You Need. TheTopHatts; For the End Credits footage All friends and subscribers: For enjoying my videos. YOU'RE AWESOME!!


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