Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!: A Little Help From Your Friends - Saving Wuzzleburg From the Cake Batter

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By: UCmduDZXn3aoncHA7fUWw_RQ
Video Discription: Widget and Walden walk down the street, talking about Wubbzy making dinner for them, when suddenly they see the giant wave of cake batter with Wubbzy riding on it in peril, screaming for help. Widget and Walden are surprised to see that Wubbzy made enough cake for everyone in Wuzzleburg, and they were worried because the whole town will be cake if they don't do something. Walden has an idea that requires Widget's help. As the batter wave flows through Wuzzleburg, Wubbzy was horrified, because he was heading towards the art museum. The curator of the museum was worried, because if the batter runs into the museum, all of the artwork will be ruined. As the artist screams for help, Walden comes in its way with a truck, making the batter run into it and change direction, saving the museum. While Widget's working on something, the cake wave and Wubbzy continue running through town and get close to the zoo. The zookeeper was horrified. If the batter runs into the zoo, all the animals will be buried in cake batter. The zookeeper shouts for help. Walden arrives again and saves it the same way he did with the museum, but with a chopped down tree. Widget's almost finished with her invention, and the batter then heads to the library. The librarian, Miss Bookfinder, was shocked. If the batter runs into the library, all of the library books will be covered in cake. As she cries out for help, Walden saves it by using a crane to lower a large corner pipe to make the batter enter it and change course, saving the library.


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